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Hartnagel offers excellent service

Flexibel & Fast

With a vast part of our range stored in large warehouses in Germany and other European countries, we can provide you with a fast and flexible delivery service.

On-time Delivery

Our company-owned trucks ensure rapid delivery, regardless of the volume of your order.

Advice & Assembly

In addition to our comprehensive advice, we offer you an assembly service that will make you feel fully looked after, right from the moment of making your choice up to the finished delivery.

Product Range – Furniture for Residential Facilities, Construction Sites, Repair Shops and Offices

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Hartnagel Handels GmbH
Raiffeisen Str. 1
Postfach 11 07
71126 Gaeufelden-Nebringen

Phone:+49 (0)7032 9768 0
Fax:+49 (0)7032 7625 0

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